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Establish Business Credit Confidently

Setting up payroll is a great way to help build your business's credit. It shows lenders and other creditors that you are taking your business seriously and are committed to meeting your financial obligations. Additionally, it can help you to manage your cash flow better and keep track of your business’s financial performance. Setting up payroll is a great step to take for any business looking to build their credit and financial stability.

ADP is a reliable and experienced provider of payroll solutions that can help businesses streamline their payroll operations. With tailored solutions and advanced technology, ADP ensures businesses of all sizes have access to secure and accurate payroll services. They offer comprehensive payroll services, ranging from tax filing and reporting to employee benefits and payroll compliance. With their comprehensive and secure payroll solutions, businesses can save time and money, while ensuring their payroll operations are compliant with all the necessary regulations.

Six Reasons to Choose ADP

It's an affordable and effective option to build business credit!


Plans available to as low as 1 Employee!


ADP’s true, 360 integration with payroll automates nearly all administrative tasks, making it easier than ever for your clients to adhere to the new provisions


Allows you to apply for SBAs/loans/or any govt assistance


Payroll “processing fees” are tax deductible and allows you to reduce your taxes


Greater Tax Incentives: Tax credit up to 100% of Retirement admin costs for business owners with less than 50 employees for the first 3 years (this was previously capped at 50%)


Reduce the employer's taxes by setting up health insurance or retirement through your business which is integrated with payroll

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