.The Dream Team 


.Executive Staff 

Kristina M Wynne headshot

Kristina M Wynne, MPH

Owner, CEO

Specialties: Certification Technical Assistance and Procurement Strategy, Business Plan and Pitch Deck Creation, Business Development

Paislei Livsey The Wynners Club

Paislei Livsey

Executive Assistant

Kimberly Del Carmen

Digital Marketer

. Small Business Coaches 

Jerome' Holston The Wynners Club

Jerome’ Holston, MPA

Small Business Coach

Specialties: B Corp. Assessment, Employee Engagement, Strategic Partnership


Mark Yates, MBA

Small Business Coach 

Specialty: Nonprofit and For profit Accounting

Dr. Adam Callery The Wynners Club

Dr. Adam Callery

Small Business Coach

Specialties: Operations Productivity Improvement, Accounting, Business Development, Financial Management, Organizational Improvement, and Human Resources Planning

Dr. Rhonda Henderson The Wynners Club

Dr. Rhonda Henderson

Small Business Coach

Specialties: Marketing, Accounting, & Business Development


Brandon Pendleton, MBA

Small Business Coach

Specialty: Human Resources, 

Performance Management, Company Culture , Recruiting and Retention Strategies, and Leadership Training

.Professional Writers 

Latricia Booker The Wynners Club

Latricia Booker 

Grant/Proposal Writer

Specialities: Education & Nonprofit

Noel Green The Wynners Club

Noel C. Green

Grant/Proposal Writer

Specialities: Healthcare, For-profit, and Nonprofit


Tiffany Taylor

Grant/Proposal Writer, and SBA Loan Preparer

Specialities: Real Estate Lending & Grants

.New team Members


Lauren Morgan, Esq.

Small Business Coach

Specialities: Business Law, Entity Set-up & Contracts


Adrienne McFarland

Small Business Coach

Specialities: E-commerce

Christina headshot.JPG

Christina Atkins

Small Business Coach


Tax Accountant, Bookkeeping/ Accounting, 

Project Management, Not for Profit, Financial Advising and, Process Improvements 

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 2.49.20 PM.png

Sherri Wynne

Small Business Coach

Specialities: Product Pricing, Pricing Strategy, Pitch Deck Creation


Asante' Kofi Yugen

Small Business Coach

Specialities: Small Business Lending

Reggie's Headshot.jpeg

Reginald Wynne

Small Business Coach

Specialities: Human Resources, Infrastructure, Compliance, Workforce Planning, and Benefits