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The Wynners Club online course is a cohort style program created for entrepreneurs who need a solid business plan and pitch deck.


2 major deliverables of the online course are:

  • a business plan

  • and a pitch deck

There are several additional benefits of the online course as well, like mastering your 30-second business elevator pitch, networking with a community of entrepreneurs, and access to business professionals (e.g. attorneys, accountants, bankers, etc.)


Also, there will also be an opportunity to participate in a pitch competition, battling for cash prizes among other prizes!


The Wynners Club Online Course Break Down:


Week 1: Awareness & Assessment of your Business
Week 2: Company Description
Week 3: Mission & Vision Statements
Week 4: Marketing & Sales Plan
Week 5: Operations & Management Plans
Week 6: Product/Service Description and Intellectual Property
Week 7: Financial Plan
Week 8: Executive Summary & Pitch Deck Creation

Week 9: Finalize Business Plan

Week 10: Pitch Competition!