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6 Benefits of Getting Your Business Certified

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your small business, secure additional opportunities, and stand out in a very competitive market? If so, you should consider getting your business certified. Certification can be a powerful tool for minority businesses owners, female entrepreneurs, and other small business owners facing unique challenges. There are many benefits to earning certification including gaining access to an exclusive network of resources that could greatly aid in the growth of your company. In this post we will explore six benefits to getting your business certified and how it could help you achieve success.

1) Access to Government and Corporate Contracts

Obtaining certifications for your small business can open the door to government and corporate contracts. This gives you a chance to bid on government jobs or access exclusive corporate opportunities. Certification lets decision makers know that you are a legitimate, capable business that meets their standards of quality and trustworthiness. Getting your business certified will help demonstrate your commitment to being an upstanding partner, increasing the likelihood that decision makers will consider doing business with you. So if you sell a product or service that you know would interest a government entity or corporation, get certified. Examples of government and corporate entities are schools, hospitals, banks, roadways, tollways, Walmart, or Target.

2) Access to Supplier Diversity Programs

Certification gives small business owners access to supplier diversity programs. These initiatives provide business owners with a range of resources and connections that can help them succeed in the marketplace. By gaining your certification, businesses are able to demonstrate their commitment to meeting standards of quality and trustworthiness, and thereby increasing their chances for success. With access to this valuable resource, small business owners can be the first to know what opportunities are coming soon and enhance their visibility in the market.

3) Access to a Diverse Network

Certification can provide access to a diverse network of resources and professionals that could be beneficial for small businesses. It creates opportunities to collaborate with other certified business owners, allowing them to share knowledge, experiences, and resources that may not have been available previously. It also provides exclusive access to conferences, workshops, and networking events. Having the ability to go to these exclusive events allows you to meet potential suppliers, vendors, lenders, buyers, purchasers, etc. For example, you might meet people from a major corporation who offer government contracts or people who partner on opportunities for corporate contracts.

4) Special Training Opportunities

Corporations have specific programs that offer small businesses the chance to unlock their potential, stay ahead of current trends, and gain visibility in a competitive market. These accelerators are typically about 3-6 months long and offer one-on-one training exclusively to certified vendors. Target, for example, has a black business accelerator and hispanic business accelerator program provided to certified vendors who want to have their product displayed in-stores. These programs provide certified businesses the right training to help them become better equipped to compete and succeed in today's rapidly-evolving economy. Getting certified and tapping into these special training opportunities will help your business stand out among the competition and secure additional opportunities.

5) Candidacy for Regional & National Awards

Certification can provide business owners who face unique challenges, with valuable advantages, such as access to exclusive resources that can help their businesses grow. As these certified businesses gain opportunities, they have the potential to unlock new opportunities while increasing visibility of their brand on the local, regional or even national level. As you maximize your business potential and stay in good standing within the marketplace, your business will likely start getting recognition and awards. This recognition will continue to help build your platform and help grow your business.

6) Use of the Certification Logo/Seal for Marketing

Using the certification seal for marketing can help provide a distinct advantage over competitors, as it highlights your professional qualifications and credentials. Having got through a vetting process, the seal shows that you are a reputable and credible business. Certification seals can be used on print advertisements, online websites and digital content such as e-mails. This logo implies that you adhere to industry standards established by governing bodies and organizations related to the certification program. The use of a certification seal inspires trust among prospective customers while also showcasing your commitment to excel in all areas related to what you offer.

By getting your business certified, you can unlock an exclusive network of resources that will increase the visibility of your company and help it stand out in a competitive market. Certification is essential to gaining access to new opportunities and growing your business. So don’t wait any longer and get started today by calling 877-996-6377 or go to to book online!

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